Develop Green Manufacturing Skills
that Get Real Bottom Line Results

Whether you're a start-up or an established manufacturing company, your business will be heavily affected by the global trend toward green manufacturing. Purdue TAP defines green manufacturing as “the continual optimization of material and energy resources during the design, manufacture, and end use of products in order to reduce production costs, eliminate negative environmental impacts, and increase business opportunities.”

Our Technical Assistance Program offers green manufacturing training that provides participants with the knowledge it takes to succeed in green enterprises. Purdue's Green Enterprise Development (GreenED) workforce training program will teach you the latest green manufacturing ideas through a series of in-depth training modules. The three-level program allows you to earn a green manufacturing certificate once you successfully complete the modules and exam.

You'll learn how innovative green manufacturing companies create green products that meet consumer demand while saving energy and reducing waste. Workshops like Green Chemistry and Pollution Solution will give you an appreciation for the entire green manufacturing process – and ideas for how these concepts can be implemented in your community.

Black and Gold and Green

The Green Generalist (Green 101) serves as the foundation course for the green initiative. You'll learn about topics like sustainability, solid waste management, energy management and environmental business management. We'll also teach you how to develop and implementation action plan for your green initiative.

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer, Online.
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Level two of our green manufacturing program is a Green Specialist Certificate Series with six workshops titled "Dumpster Dive", "Energy Management", "Green Chemistry", "H2O Conserve", "Pollution Solutions" and "Sustainability into Practice".

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Our H2O Conserve workshop will enable you to use conservation principles and lower-cost practices in designing water systems. Specifically, you'll learn about water system design, principles used in operating water systems and water pollution prevention. We'll also teach you about how to identify alternative methods and how to reduce costs while conserving an endangered resource.

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer.
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Pollution Solutions will give you case studies to consider as you learn to apply pollution solution concepts. Topics include the benefits of air sampling, methods to incorporate into your emission control, ozone concerns and impacts, how to lower your emission expenses and new technologies for preventing air pollution.

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer.
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Dumpster Dive is a one-day workshop that will teach you the fundamentals of solid waste streams, methods to evaluate materials used in your products and processes, concepts relating to life cycle analysis, how to reduce or eliminate the solid waste stream and how to apply the "4 Rs" (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer.
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Green Chemistry will teach you how to apply green chemistry principles and techniques in all facets of your business. You'll learn the principles of green chemistry, how to use process reengineering to achieve a healthier, safer environment, how to reduce or eliminate hazardous substances and methods to maximize the amount of raw material that ends up in your product. We'll also teach you about "hit list" chemicals, as well as how to design energy-efficient processes and use environmentally safe substances whenever possible.

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer.
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In the Energy Management Workshop, you'll learn how to manage energy usage and invest in energy efficiency. Topics include basic energy use alternatives, managing energy usage, investing in energy efficiency and minimizing energy costs, reducing your company's carbon footprint, renewable energy source fundamentals and including system costs in project evaluation.

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer.
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Our Sustainability in Practice workshop will give you the tools to build a continuous and sustainable environmental management program. You'll study the benefits or using Triple Bottom Line as a sustainability framework, how to save money with a positive environmental impact, the values of green certifications and marketing practices, and typical measures for monitoring a successful program. Other topics include the impact of regulations and the importance of including a green supply chain in your operations.

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer.
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The level three Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate serves as verifiable proof of your green knowledge by successfully completing an exam. The SME GMSC exam (which includes over 100 questions) and the Purdue TAP GreenED Specialist Series are built upon the same body of knowledge.

Recommendations to prepare for the exam include one of the following:

  • Completing all six modules of Purdue TAP Green Specialist training workshops.
  • Completing the 3-day Purdue TAP Green Specialist Certificate Exam Preparation workshop.
  • Completing the Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate Online Review & Exam Preparation. Register here.

To register for the exam or for more information, visit

During this two-day interactive Waste Stream Mapping program, participants will learn the fundamentals of solid waste streams and their associated sources including energy, solid waste, water and hazardous wastes. Using a Waste Stream Mapping assessment and planning tool, participants will learn how to analyze alternative approaches, develop future-state scenarios with significant reductions in waste stream output and create an implementation plan for future state.

Methods of Training: Onsite Training, Public Workshops, Train-the-Trainer.To learn more, contact us today at (800) 877-5182 or

Purdue TAP provides onsite training to companies and associations interested in gaining knowledge and skills in green manufacturing techniques.

For more information, contact (800) 877-5182 or

Purdue TAP schedules public workshops throughout the year.

Public workshop modules include:

  • Green Generalist (Green 101)
  • All Green Specialist Series: H2O Conserve, Pollution Solutions, Dumpster Dive, Green Chemistry, Energy Management, Sustainability in Practice
  • Waste Stream Mapping Elective
  • Purdue TAP Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate Exam Preparation Workshop

For a list of workshops scheduled, visit under Green Enterprise Development.

Facilitator training is available for the green generalist, all six green specialists modules and waste stream mapping programs, participants complete the chosen, one-day training and simulation, then spend a second day discussing the key concepts and instruction processes. This structure is enabling the nationwide distribution of this unique program.

Workshops include training kit with materials for simulation, facilitator guides, PowerPoint presentation and software to print instruction materials.

For more information, contact (800) 877-5182 or

  1. Green Generalist Online Training - provides awareness of the many topics and issues of sustainability. The course is valuable to people in all positions and all business sectors. It is comprised of 7 sections, 7 tests, and 3 interactive simulations that embed the concepts of sustainability. The Green Generalist Online Exam Cost $195/per person and is available 24/7.*
  2. Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate Online Review and Exam Preparation designed to help prepare you to take the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate exam. The online review is in seven modules for 16 total hours. The cost is $700 per person and includes online access and a workbook. It does not include the SME exam cost. It is available 24/7.*

To Register: Visit under Green Enterprise Development:

*Indiana Residents: If you work or live in the state of Indiana, you are eligible to purchase both online training courses at a 9% discounted rate. Enter Discount Code: INMEPA01 when registering.

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Green Enterprise Development can provide an entire workforce with hands-on activities, simulations and case studies to teach environmental sustainability that leads to process improvement.

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Schedule an exclusive one-hour webinar with Purdue TAP by contacting Ethan Rogers at or 317-275-6817.

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"We were impressed by the easy-to-understand delivery of the Green Generalist Training. For individuals or companies looking to get a clear overview of green concepts and to develop an understanding of how to apply the concepts to manufacturing processes, this is the course for you. The trainers were professional and made the training time interesting."

- Kim Coker Director of Communications, PR & Grantwriting, Southern Arkansas University Tech

More client Testimonials are available here.

Green Enterprise Development can provide an entire workforce with hands-on activities, simulations and case studies to teach environmental sustainability that leads to process improvement.

More information available via tabs on the left.

GreenED is appropriate for manufacturers, community colleges, advocacy groups, MEP centers, employees seeking professional development, professional trade organizations, training service providers and workforce investment boards.

Contact Purdue's Technical Assistance Program today at (800) 877-5182 or to learn more about our cutting-edge green manufacturing curriculum.

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Workforce Training

Workforce Training

"The Green Generalist training was well planned and well taught. Our people have learned valuable information and many more ways to be "Green." We thoroughly enjoyed the practical exercises and gain valuable lessons from them. We’d like to thank Purdue TAP for bringing this training to us as well as making it available to Indiana manufacturers."

-Hung Nguyen, Plant Manager, Drug Plastics & Glass Co., Inc

Process Improvement

Process Improvement

"We were already embracing the Lean concepts that were taught to us by Purdue TAP so the green goes in line with the Lean concepts. We are now saving money and looking at things in a more sustainable way. "

-Melissa Fey, Sustainability Facilitator, Smith Brothers Furniture

Train the Trainer - Chris Hayes


"Our clients are really starting to understand the need to put sustainability in their top level strategies. It’s not just a “feel good thing” to show we care about our planet but instead they realize that sustainability has real bottom line impact. Profitability is one of the concepts that we teach and one we’ve learned during the GreenED training."

-Chris Hayes, Senior Field Engineer, Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Train the Trainer - Dumpster Dive


"The Green Generalist Program provides a good overview on the components of a Sustainability Program. The simulations help to demystify the concepts and break them into elements that can be understood, managed and implemented."

-Joseph C. D'Urso, Group Product/Services Manager, New Jersey MEP, Morris Plains, NJ

Darla Carlise

Process Improvement

"Green Enterprise Development’s nationally recognized accreditation through Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) provided us with a great tool to be able to show our customers that we’ve had relevant training and we are serious about sustainability. Plus, every workshop I attended provided information, knowledge and tools I could take back to the facility and use right away."

-Darla Carlisle, Harlan Bakeries, Corporate Compliance Manager

Jeannine Kunz
"SME and Purdue developed the GreenEd body of knowledge and exam resulting in the first program that offers validation that a student has the comprehensive understanding of the many topics that comprise sustainable manufacturing. The program addresses the change in thinking in manufacturing work to actively look for ways to incorporate more sustainable, environmentally friendly improvements that have a positive effect on the bottom line. We believe this program provides strong value to employers in return the entire manufacturing community. "

-Jeannine Kunz, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), Director of Marketing and Professional Development

Train-the-Trainer h2o


"What I liked best about Purdue's Green Enterprise program is that it included a process simulation where all the participants were able to contribute and apply what was learned in the classroom environment. Everyone had improvement ideas based on the contextualization of the information regardless of background or experience."

-Nick Real, Machine Tool Technology Dept. Chair, Cerritos College, Cerritos, California